Watts Atelier - Personal Project - 2018

A proposed redesign of the school’s current logo that reflects the refinement of the school’s online courses. Updated typeface and border decoration for better legibility at scale. 

Wovenhacks Foundation - 2016

West African adinkra symbols woven into clothing represent historical proverbs and values.The logo for Wovenhacks, the first university hackathon in Ghana, is the adinkra symbol for knowledge, colored in the vibrant hues  of traditional kente fabrics.

Intro Animation - Curiositystream - 2018
Intro Animation - ExperiusVR - 2018
NefertariVR Animation - ExperiusVR - 2017
BioRevna - 2018

Biomedical research startup aiming to reduce global health disparities. 

Nefertari - ExperiusVR - 2017

Splash screen logo for SteamVR experience -based on hieroglyphs from Nefertari’s tomb conveying ascension into the afterlife.

Lakewest Interiors - 2018

Interior design business focused on designer curtains and blinds. Emphasis on harmonic organic forms, contained in a window.

Terrance Reshay - 2017

A hand-illustrated logo for a songwriter’s personal brand – a white and pink avian creature encircling a gold magnolia. Drawn in ballpoint pen, colored in photoshop.

FinEd Concierge Solutions - 2017
Arguello Crest - 2017
Chris Wadibia - 2017
New Weiming Law - 2016